• How technology will change students' college life


    Imagine comparing education to an annual global conference and competition that brings together today's education transformation organizations. The development of science and technology has not only greatly changed people's lives. How science and technology will change the university life of students, please see this article introduced by Guoxue.com Hong Kong universities.

    From academics and educational technology startups at world-renowned universities, to chief innovation officers and technology developers, attendees and speakers are the ones most suited to provide insights into the future of education.

    This year, Imperial College Business School will co-host the event, so education experts believe they should learn more about how they are using technology to change the student experience.

    Imperial College offers a range of postgraduate courses from master's degree, doctoral degree to MBA degree. But business schools take pride in their innovative spirit and stem cell-driven technology.

    Francisco Veloso, Dean of Imperial College Business School, study in Hong Kong told us: "A few years ago, we started investing in educational technology. This is reflected in our community curriculum. Course learning Flexibility is important.

    "For example, when we provided electronic accounting services to Imperial College students, subscriptions increased by 30%.

    "This is because, suddenly, if you are a student in civil engineering, (learning accounting) no longer competes with your current professional course, because you can learn online."

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    Cooperation is the key to success

    Imperial College Business School has recently joined the ranks of some of the leading business schools and launched a new digital learning platform to create a more flexible learning experience.

    By combining faculty expertise with cutting-edge technology, the platform hopes to meet the growing demand for executives and students for a more flexible, customized, and globally accessible learning experience.

    The platform is called the Future of Management Education Alliance and aims to change the future of management education. As the first such platform in business education, top universities in hong kong Imperial College and its partners are looking forward to something great.

    This new alliance will enable partner schools (Imperial Institute of Technology, ESMT Business School Berlin, BI Norwegian Business School, Li Guangqian Business School, EDHEC Business School, Business School, and Ivey Business School) to learn face-to-face, experientially, and online To enhance the student experience.


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